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Geocodes a large table of addresses and returns an output file, Feature Service or Feature Collection.



Parameter Explanation

Input a JSON string, the output of AnalyzeGeocodeInput. The generated field mapping should be reviewed before submitting your BatchGeocode job, otherwise you may end up with unexpected results. Make sure to escape characters that are strings inside strings. Example input:

{"field_info": "[[\"OBJECTID\", \"TEXT\", 255], [\"SingleLine\", \"TEXT\", 255], [\"Address\", \"TEXT\", 255], [\"Neighborhood\", \"TEXT\", 255], [\"Admin1\", \"TEXT\", 255], [\"Admin2\", \"TEXT\", 255], [\"Admin3\", \"TEXT\", 255], [\"City\", \"TEXT\", 255], [\"Subregion\", \"TEXT\", 255], [\"Region\", \"TEXT\", 255], [\"Postal\", \"TEXT\", 255], [\"PostalExt\", \"TEXT\", 255], [\"Country\", \"TEXT\", 255]]","column_names": "","file_type": "csv","column_delimiter": "","text_qualifier": "","field_mapping": "[[\"SingleLine\", \"SingleLine\"], [\"Address\", \"Address\"], [\"Neighborhood\", \"Neighborhood\"], [\"City\", \"City\"], [\"Subregion\", \"Subregion\"], [\"Region\", \"Region\"], [\"Postal\", \"Postal\"], [\"PostalExt\", \"PostalExt\"], [\"Admin1\", \"\"], [\"Admin2\", \"\"], [\"Admin3\", \"\"], [\"Country\", \"CountryCode\"]]","singleline_field": "SingleLine","header_row_exists": true}


The geocode service that should geocode the input table. The service should support batch geocoding and have a geocodeAddresses REST endpoint. This URL should end in GeocodeServer


Specifies how the geocoding results are to be outputted. Can be either csv, xls, Feature Service or Feature Collection

inputTable (Optional)

The portal item URL of the input feature service to be geocoded. ServiceToken does not need to be provided if the table is on the hosting server. Example input: {"url":"<serverURL>/rest/services/Hosted/input_table/FeatureServer/0","serviceToken":"<token>"}

inputFileItem (Optional)

The itemid of the portal file as input to the geocoding service. The itemid should correspond to a CSV or Microsoft Excel on the Portal. Example input: {"itemid":"b5606093e2c24851a499d6f25676e823"}

sourceCountry (Optional)

Acceptable values include the full country name, the ISO 3166-1 2-digit country code, or the ISO 3166-1 3-digit country code.

category (Optional)

Enter a category if your geocoding service supports it

outputFields (Optional)

Enter the output fields that you want to recieve from the geocoding service, separated by commas. Example: "x,y,score,match_addr"


Default is 1. If there is no header row, enter 0. If there are empty rows after the header, add them to the one header row and enter the number.

outputName (Optional)

Additional properties such as output feature service name

context (Optional)

Additional settings such as processing extent and output spatial reference.

locatorParameters (Optional)

JSON input can include more geocoding properties. Another way to pass sourceCountry or category. The only way to pass locationType.

Example: {"locationType":"rooftop"}

Code Samples


Batch Geocode


This tool uses credits if the geocoding Service URL provided requires credits for batch geocoding.

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